Tent Pitches

For all those campers who dream of something more than the regular pitch-up camping experience, when all you get is a small grassy rectangle and very little else, our idea of camping will blow your socks off.

Each of our self-contained tent pitches come with brilliant extra features designed to lift your camping experience out of the ordinary and make your stay with us a truly magical one.

During construction of the site we made sure to make perfectly level areas for our tent pitches so there isn’t that uncomfortable slope we’ve all experienced in the past. At Stoney Down we guarantee you won’t wake up in the morning to find yourselves tired, grumpy and tightly jammed in one corner of your tent.

Forget about trampling dirt into your tent because of those muddy patches you always get at the tent door when the weather’s rainy. We’ve scattered the ground with woodchips to help avoid those mucky boots getting dirt where you don’t want it. Should you need it, we are happy to supply extended tent poles too.

Tent Pitches

The quirky rustic wooden benches and log stools around your own private fire pit are a great place to get together in the evening to share the warmth and light of the open fire, a few drinks and plenty of laughs. Over the crackling of the burning logs, the woods come alive with the sounds of birds and wildlife and (if you are lucky) a starry sky above set the mood to make your stay with us truly unforgettable.

Parking your vehicle isn’t a problem either. Please feel free to park right next to your pitch.

We’ve built a covered double sink wash-up station with hot and cold running water for cleaning your dirty pots, pans and plates. Right beside the wash-up station is the shower building where you’ll find your shared shower and toilet.


Can accommodate tents up to 5 metres x 5 metres.

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Hazels & Chestnuts

Can accommodate tents up to 7 metres x 5 metres.

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£30 per night for 4 people sharing.
£5 for extra adult or child per night.

£35 per night for 4 people sharing.
£5 for extra adult or child per night.

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